SB Horse Training

Susan A. Butterfield



2004-2005                 Western Culinary Institute                  Portland, OR 

2003                         Oregon Coast Community College         Newport, OR          



1998-Current             SB Horse Training                              Oregon/Florida


Starting and Training Horses and Donkeys

Ground Basics and Problem Solving

Equine Management and Marketing

10/2009-5/2010         Baltic Farms                                      Chauvin, AB

Trainer/Farm Hand

Starting and Training Arabians

Working with Stallions

Marketing, Advertising and Management

Barn and Fence Maitnence

Feeding, Cleaning, and Grooming


6/2008-4/2009           Buren Farms                                     Gresham, OR

Stable Hand

Stall Cleaning, Turn-Out, Handling Mares and Foals, Training and Show Horses


2/2008-2/2009           Hartman Equine Adventures                Eagle Creek, OR

Stable Hand

Stall Cleaning. Turn-Out, Feeding , Handling Studs, Mares and Foals, Training and Show Horses


2004-2007                 Woodburn Livestock Exchange             Woodburn, OR

Loading and Unloading Livestock

Sorting and Penning Livestock


2003-2006                 JK Roping                                          Coburg, OR                        

Gathering and Saddling Roping Horses

Rounding up, Penning and Sorting Cattle


2000-2003                 Lincoln County Fair Grounds                 Newport, OR

General Maintenance

Event Help



2007-2008                Pacific Equestrain Club                          Newport, OR 

Club Board Member 

2006-2008                Horse 4-H Leader                                 Newport, OR

Supervision of Students

Giving Riding Lessons 

1995-2009                             Pacific Equestrain Club                         Newport, OR

 Club Member

1995-2003                 Horse 4-H Student                              Newport, OR