SB Horse Training


SB Horse Training is Proud to offer Farm, House and Pet Sitting along with Dog Walking in Addition to Horse Training Services.

Horse Training

I train in all areas listed on the training Page. 

 Mobile Training fees start at $20/hr plus fuel. 

I know Owning Horses is Expensive, I believe horse training shouldn't be.


House or Farm Sitting

I am offering House and Farm Sitting. This includes(but is not limited to) Collecting Mail, Watering Plants, and Caring for ANY pets. I will give the house a "Lived In" look while you are away. This includes Turning Blinds and Alternating Lighting.

House Sitting Basic is 2-30min visits per Day: $20 per Day

House Sitting Plus is 2-1hr or 3-30min Visits per Day: $30 per Day

House Sitting Premium is Overnight Visits: $40 per day

Farm sitting starts at the same rate. If you have Livestock that needs to be cared for the Cost may Vary depending on the Length of Care needed. Feeding, Turn-Out/In, Cleaning Stalls, ect are all available with Farm Sitting. Contact with specific Details for Quote. All prices are subject to Additional fees for Gas, depending on Location.


Dog Walking/Running

Dog Walking includes Walking, Pottying, Playing with Dog. Price Varies depending on Length of walk.

15min Walk:$5.00

Each Additional Dog:$3.00

Each Additional 15min:$3.00 for first Dog, $2.00 for Each Additional dog.

Dog Running is more for Exercise of your Canine. I love a good Running buddy and my Dog is not up for it anymore.

15min Run:$8.00

Each Additional 15min:$4.00


I have no problems Caring for Reptiles, Birds, Dogs, Cats, Ferrits, Rats, Mice, Hamsters, Hedgehogs, Turtles, Chickens, or any other pet. I grew up in a Pet Shop and have cared for just about any pet you can buy. I am not Squeamish to Cleaning Pet Cages or Feeding Live Food.

Please feel free to Contact me if you have ANY questions.