SB Horse Training

Training Horses

Current Projects:

Butch: 8yo Arab/POA. I started Butch under saddle as a 3yo, 5 years later he was given to me. I have owned Butch for a couple years now and he is one of the best trail horses I could ask for. I can put just about anybody on him and he will carry them safely down the trail. This summer we are going to give Endurance Racing a go.


Pistol: 5yo QH/Quarter Pony Mare. I Bought Pistol as a Barrel prospect. She is well patterned and LOVES to run. She has been to 10 competitions and her times keep getting faster. We have won a few awards, and look forward to lots more! She is a great trail horse and really enjoys going places. 



Tune-Ups are for horses that have been Trained Under Saddle at one time. A horse might need a refresher Course in the Basics, or to have some refinement work done. Some horses are ridden to Get into Shape for Riding Season, or may have an issue to be Worked through.

Tune-Ups can range from One Ride to weeks of Work.


Starting Under Saddle 

Horses need to be Started under saddle at some point in their Lives. It involves everything from Ground Work to Riding. A good foundation is the key to a good riding horse.

Starting includes:Sacking Out, Saddling, Bridling, Lounging, and Mounting. The horse must learn these things before they are ready to be Ridden. Once in the saddle, Forward Movement, Turning and Stopping are the Main objective. Until you have a good Stop and Turn on a horse, more speed is not Safe. Trotting and Cantering come once the afforementioned are mastered.


I do Start to Finish on Western Horses


I also Ride English. Start to Finish English Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Flat Work. Beginning Dressage and Hunter Jumper

Speed Events

Speed Events are My Passion. I like to go Fast. From Patterning to Competing I love all of it. Barrels, Poles, Figure 8, Flags, Bi-Wrangle, Flag Race, Key Race, Key Hole, Speed Barrel and California Speed Barrels.


I grew up Driving Welsh and Shetland Ponies. I trained all my own ponies for 4-h and Open Shows. I continue to Train in Harness.